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Three years ago, I decided to move all the tutorials I was writing about HTML, WordPress, and other web technologies on my personal blog to their own little place on the web. It took me three years to get it done.

I designed the child theme for this blog in about two hours. It actually took longer to select the Google webfonts than to actually design the appearance. Of course, those three or four hours of design were followed up by about three or four hours of tweaking and troubleshooting (and I still have some more to do) but a day spent that way is a pretty good day all in all.

If you have linked to my old tutorials, I’ve added  301 redirects so your links still work.

New to All of This?

If you are new to creating HTML pages from scratch, you might want to start by reading “HTML – A Very Basic Introduction“.

If you are using WordPress, the following posts are good places to start:

You can also find posts by category in the menu to the left, or by publication date by using the “Archive” widget to the left.

If there are other tutorials you would like to see, just let me know by sending an email to ken at blog dot kjodle dot net. Please note: I do not provide support via email or comments.

Feel free to comment on any of these posts, if you have questions or comments about that particular post. You can read my comment policy here.


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Subversion on Windows: A TortoiseSVN Workflow

Although I like Macs and I love Ubuntu, I spend most of my time in a Windows environment, because most of the people I work with use Windows. I need to see what they see and see it how they see it. So, Windows it is.

Windows is not a bad place to do web …

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“Message Blocks” WordPress Plugin

I have just submitted a new plugin to the WordPress plugin repository. It allows you to quickly and easily add message blocks to highlight important information for your readers. It does so by way of two drop-down menus in the TinyMCE toolbar:

Since the best way to see how this works is to see …

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New WordPress Plugin in the Works!

I’m working on a new WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add message blocks via a shortcode. It add several new buttons to the toolbar:

In order, from right to left, they are:

Nutshell (MediaWiki uses a template similar to this) Attachments Deletion (Again, an idea inspired by MediaWiki) Part of a Series Mentions …

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Print Folder Contents in Windows

One of the things I enjoyed about the Macintosh OS was that you could print the contents of a folder.* This was handy when I was editing a series of images or uploading files to a web site.

Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t have an obvious way of doing this. However, you can do it easily via …

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How Many WordPress Plugin Combinations are Possible?

I answered a question on the Graphene Neo Mobile theme about WordPress plugins, which then made me think about math, which then made me do math.

Here’s the silly thing: I tweeted about it, forgetting that the forum is a private one. So it’s not very useful.

But here’s the original query:

Does anyone know …

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Using WinMerge

In an earlier post on creating child themes for WordPress, I said that if you had already made changes to your theme, you could use a program like WinMerge to find the differences between a clean copy of your theme and the copy you’ve been editing.

The time has come to show just how that …

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user stylesheet

CSS – A Very Basic Introduction

This is a very basic introduction to Cascading Style Sheets. The intended audience is people who know a little bit about HTML and absolutely nothing about CSS. If you are foggy on HTML, you should read “HTML—A Very Basic Introduction” first.


CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets”. It’s a language for controlling the appearance …

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Create WordPress Shortcodes

In my earlier post about template parameters in MediaWiki, I lamented that WordPress doesn’t have a similar mechanism. Actually it sort of does: it has shortcodes.

Shortcodes pretty much do what a MediaWiki template does, in that they allow you to easily add content to a post or page. You can even pass variables, which …

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Add Post Navigation Links in the Graphene Theme for WordPress

Earlier today, somebody in the Graphene Theme support forum asked about changing the location of the “Next Post” and “Previous Post” links:

I’d like to put the pointers to prev/next posts below a post as well as at the top, preferably between the post and any comments. Is that possible please and, if so, how?

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Create a Static Front Page in WordPress — A Visual Guide

Creating a static front page in WordPress is easy, but I often encounter people who have trouble doing it. Perhaps the instructions in the Codex aren’t very visual, or all the talk about theme development on the same page puts them off. In any case, here is a quick, visual guide to creating a static …

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