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Three years ago, I decided to move all the tutorials I was writing about HTML, WordPress, and other web technologies on my personal blog to their own little place on the web. It took me three years to get it done.

I designed the child theme for this blog in about two hours. It actually took longer to select the Google webfonts than to actually design the appearance. Of course, those three or four hours of design were followed up by about three or four hours of tweaking and troubleshooting (and I still have some more to do) but a day spent that way is a pretty good day all in all.

If you have linked to my old tutorials, I’ve added  301 redirects so your links still work.

New to All of This?

If you are new to creating HTML pages from scratch, you might want to start by reading “HTML – A Very Basic Introduction“.

If you are using WordPress, the following posts are good places to start:

You can also find posts by category in the menu to the left, or by publication date by using the “Archive” widget to the left.

If there are other tutorials you would like to see, just let me know by sending an email to ken at blog dot kjodle dot net. Please note: I do not provide support via email or comments.

Feel free to comment on any of these posts, if you have questions or comments about that particular post. You can read my comment policy here.


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