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When I release new software—a WordPress plugin, a GetSimple theme, etc.—I’ll post about it here.

d12 Message Blocks WordPress Plugin – 2.5

I have recently updated my d12 Message Blocks plugin for WordPress. It adds two new message blocks: one with a title and no icon, and another with neither a title nor an icon. You can get it from the WordPress plugin repository. Development snapshots are available on my Git repo.

Message Blocks WordPress Plugin

I have just submitted a new plugin to the WordPress plugin repository. It allows you to quickly and easily add message blocks to highlight important information for your readers. It does so by way of two drop-down menus in the TinyMCE toolbar: Since the best way to see how this works is to see the …read more…

“He’s Dead, Jim” Plugin for WordPress

If you like the spirit of Matt’s “Hello Dolly” plugin, which adds a line from Louis Armstrong’s song “Hello, Dolly” to the top of your WordPress backend, but feel that it doesn’t do much for your inner geek, I give you the “He’s Dead, Jim” plugin for WordPress. “He’s Dead, Jim” works like “Hello Dolly,” …read more…