If you like the spirit of Matt’s “Hello Dolly” plugin, which adds a line from Louis Armstrong’s song “Hello, Dolly” to the top of your WordPress backend, but feel that it doesn’t do much for your inner geek, I give you the “He’s Dead, Jim” plugin for WordPress.

“He’s Dead, Jim” works like “Hello Dolly,” except that it adds lines, some famous and some obscure, from Star Trek: The Original Series to your WordPress backend. It looks like this:


If you want both “Hello Dolly” and “He’s Dead, Jim” on your backend, I designed HDJ to play nice with HD:


Future updates will include options to allow you to control:

  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Typeface
  • Degree of rounded corners on the background

For now, you can download “He’s Dead, Jim” from the official WordPress plugin repository.

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