One of the nice things about using Firefox as a web browser is that it is extensible—you can add things to it that help you do things you otherwise couldn’t. Firefox calls these add-ons.

To get to them, go to your “Tools” menu and select “Add-ons”:


Or, as the picture suggests, you can also press `Ctrl+Shift+A`.

If you’ve turned off your menu bar, you can find this through the Firefox tab:


Doing so will open the Add-ons page. At the right, you’ll see this:


Click on “Get Add-ons”:




If you have no idea what an add-on is or does, or even what “extensible” mean, then go ahead and watch the video:


If, on the other hand, you know what you are doing and what you are looking for, type it in the box at the upper right-hand corner and hit the “Enter” key.


However, you might want to take a look at the some of the featured add-ons, since something interesting usually pops up there:


Firefox will even recommend add-ons for you, based on other add-ons that you have installed:


Have fun!

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