This blog contains tutorials about WordPress, HTML, CSS, and being a webmaster that I originally posted on my personal blog, in some weird postmodern way. At some point, I realized that they should probably have their own place on the web. Four years later, here it is.

Yeah, I fell behind in my to-do list at some point.


This blog runs on WordPress, using the Graphene theme as a parent theme, with a customized child theme.

I am using the Crayon Syntax Highlighter by Aram Kocharyan plugin to make code easy to read. Here is a sample of some HTML:

You’ll notice icons at the top right of that box. In order, they allow you to:

  1. Toggle the line numbers on and off
  2. Toggle plain code (no semantic highlighting)
  3. Toggle line wrap (to eliminate horizontal scrolling; it’s on by default)
  4. Copy (so you can paste into your own page)
  5. Pop it out into another window. This is useful if you want to compare code on two different webpages.

The last icon merely displays the language that Crayon Syntax highlighter has detected.

 Header Image

The left image in the header is ” Caxton Showing the First Specimen of His Printing to King Edward IV at the Almonry, Westminster” from the book Cassell’s History of England. I obtained it from the WikiMedia Commons here.

The right image in the header is a NASA mission control computer room, apparently taken around 1962. You can read more about it on its Wikimedia Commons page.

Published on: 14 August 2014

Lasted edited on: 14 August 2014